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Quality & Assurance

Occupational Health and Safety

Our company has adopted the motto of “HEALTH FIRST”, which prioritizes quality and customer requirements with its Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Doğan Basım ve Ambalaj San. A.Ş. regards people as its most valuable asset in all its activities and adopts as its primary business goal to eliminate any material and moral loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment.

As a requirement of this policy;

To comply with the legislation (laws, regulations, regulations) in force on Occupational Health and Safety issues, to adopt international standards in this regard and to act accordingly.

To control the risks related to Occupational Health and Safety with a systematic approach, to ensure their continuity by following the innovations and developments in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety with the principle of continuous improvement.

Evaluating the effects of new products, facilities and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety at the project stage, analyzing the risks that may arise

By controlling the hazards at the source with the participation of all employees, to prevent accidents and diseases and, accordingly, labor losses

To take measures and develop methods to prevent material and moral losses in any accident or emergency that may occur during work.

To train employees on occupational and occupational health and safety issues in order to achieve success and continuous development. To provide the necessary personal protective equipment and equipment in terms of occupational health and safety.


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