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Gloss & Green

An innovative solution brought by our circular economy and sustainable production approach; Gloss & Green

Trans-Met Technology

50% of the plastic in the world was produced after 2000 and 75% of these produced plastic products are found as waste in nature. This rate increases by 100 million tons every year, but only 20% is collected for recycling.


Duran Doğan Ambalaj has brought a new perspective to the sector with the Gloss & Green technology it has invested in the field of sustainability. Unlike the metallized film lamination application that is mostly used today, Gloss & Green technology maximizes the premium visuality, while 100% recyclable packaging is obtained.

Thanks to this technology, single-component and 100% recyclable cardboard waste is obtained instead of double-component and non-recyclable waste.

Thanks to the plastic film separation process over the cardboard surface, the films are converted into plastic granules in the extruder, and the plastic granules obtained are used as raw materials by the film suppliers.

This is one of Duran Doğan’s contributions to the “Circular Economy”.

In Gloss & Green application, the plastic film is separated from the surface of the cardboard. After this process, cardboard with metallic surface becomes recyclable.

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