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Quality & Assurance

Food Safety

We create a reliable and sought-after brand value in the sector by providing the necessary working environment for Food Safety in all our production processes.

The goal of Duran Doğan Basım ve Ambalaj A.Ş, which adopts world standards in food packaging safety as its guide, is to carry out all production activities in a hygienic environment in order to maintain the unconditional trust of its customers, to ensure that the hazards are minimized by exhibiting a “Risk Management” approach in all processes related to quality and product safety.

Our Safe and Quality Food Packaging production standards have become the life philosophy of our company.

In this sense, while we direct our production with team spirit, our priority is the continuity of “safe food packaging” production, both in our supplier selection and in all our social responsibility projects.

Our company, which has proven itself in the production of primary and secondary packaging that comes into contact with food, produces in compliance with all standards in terms of hygiene conditions, production tracking systems, quality laboratory practices, certificates and appropriate raw material supply.

We have the knowledge and experience to compete with many countries in the world in this regard.


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