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Human Resources

Our Human Resources policy is to create an employee profile focused on success by combining dreams and talents.

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Human resources policy



In line with the goals and strategies of our company, it is to create a happy, highly motivated and educated workforce that works as a team, constantly developing. In this context, our goal for all our employees is;

  • To provide a work environment where they can demonstrate their talents and skills and enable them to develop,
  • To carry out activities aimed at creating corporate culture and reinforcing the sense of belonging,
  • To create an innovative and dynamic organizational structure.


Our Human Resources Policy is focused on developing human resources processes and maintaining its dynamic structure so that our employees can work effectively and efficiently in line with our company’s local and global goals.

Our goal is;

  • To recruit employees who are highly educated and equipped, open to change and development, who can think positively, and who are compatible with teamwork,
  • To increase the professional skills of our employees and to support their career goals,
  • To ensure the creation of conditions that increase productivity, ensure occupational safety, and are sensitive to society and the environment.


The Human Resources department initiates the recruitment processes with our advertisements on and Linkedin in order to meet the personnel need.

Incoming applications are evaluated and the process is progressed and concluded with interviews made according to position requirements (General Aptitude and Foreign Language Level Examination, Competency-Based Interview, Professional Personality Inventory). All interviewed candidates are informed about the results of the interview, either positive or negative.

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The road to success is through a good career plan!

We are a team that shares a common purpose and lives by its culture and values! It is our greatest passion to recruit candidates who will be our companions on our exciting journey and who are compatible with our culture and values.

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