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By designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining an ISMS, an organization can protect its confidential, personal, and sensitive data from being leaked, damaged, destroyed, or exposed to harmful elements.

Duran Doğan prevents unauthorized disclosure of stored and processed information, in other words, establishing the confidentiality element of information security, protecting the information against accidental or intentional alteration or deletion by unauthorized persons, in other words establishing the integrity element of information security, authorized persons when necessary. Ensuring that it is accessible by the company, in other words, establishing the accessibility element of information security.

Duran Doğan has harmonized its Information Security Management System Policy with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard requirements in order to ensure business continuity, comply with the legal regulations to be complied with within the scope of authorized obliged parties, prevent security breach incidents by minimizing risks, and minimize the risk of damage by reducing their possible effects. .


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