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Quality Management System

Quality Assurance

We are the assurance of quality and sustainable packaging. While developing our processes, we adopt a quality management model integrated with the digital world.

Environment and Sustainability

We see social, environmental and economic matters as a whole, and we start to think with the principle of Sustainability in our current system and in every new project.

Food Safety Policy

The working environment required for Food Safety in all production processes have been provided and a reliable and sought-after brand value has been created in the sector.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our company has adopted the motto of “HEALTH FIRST”, which prioritizes quality and customer requirements with its occupational health and safety policy.

Our Quality Policy

While operating as a leading brand in the rapidly growing sector that offers innovative solutions, we adopt Quality Policies that will strengthen this vision.

Our company, which exports to many countries of the world, considers compliance with international standards as a critical issue, while complying with the legal regulations of the countries we export to.

We evaluate our management systems and the targets and programs that make up these systems with regular reviews, and commit to doing the necessary work for “continuous improvement” in line with the principle of sustainability.

Quality & Hygiene

Accordingly, our Quality and Hygiene Policy aims to ensure;

Delivering quality products on time and at competitive prices

Considering customer requests and expectations while determining our strategies

Providing innovative packaging solutions to our customers and the market by constantly updating our knowledge and technological infrastructure

Informing and raising awareness of our employees and all our stakeholders by using training and communication channels

Taking all necessary measures in terms of food packaging safety and hygiene in raw materials, facilities and production methods, their implementation and continuous improvement.

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